Happy, Happy!

Two out of three of our chickies' birthdays have come and gone in the last couple of months.  
The El didn't have a party this year.  I decided that with three kids, three parties in three months is a little bit too much.  So Ellie and MC will be on an every-other-year party rotation.  Instead, to celebrate turning nine (whoa!), Ellie had two friends spend the night and we did her favorite things: eat pizza, celebrate with cookie cake, and watch a movie.  Done and done.
Robert's third birthday was a couple of days ago.  We invited his best buddy Carson and Carson's family over for hot dogs (I know, gourmet) and cake.  Simple, but fun.  (Of course Miss Anna came, too!)
Next up is Mary Claire!  On August 19, she will be six.  WHAT?!

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