Lucky Daughters/Lucky Daddy

Sweet Robbie has taken the Sassy Sisters, each one alone, to a dance in the past two weeks.  Ellie's was a 'ball' for Girl Scouts, and Mary Claire's was a Father~Daughter Banquet.
The Girl Scout Sweetheart Ball was described by Robbie as 'a straight-up high school dance.'  He would know because not only did he go to several high school dances, but this particular shindig was at HIS high school!!  Word on the street is that Gangnam Style was played no less than three times, and Robbie had Ellie on the dance floor the whole time.  I love this man!!
Robert and MC were pretty excited about getting their picture taken.  You would think I never get the camera out.  
The Sassy Sisters made an appearance, too...
Less than a week later, Robbie got all dressed up again for MC.  This dance was at the church where Mary Claire takes ballet.  

When the 'couple' arrives at the church, they have a picture taken and eat a seated dinner.  Then they watch the ballerinas perform and end the evening with some slow dancing of their own.  Not quite Gangnam Style, but still so much fun and so special!
Ellie was playing golf with Granddaddy, so she wasn't a part of this photo session.  Fortunately (um, or maybe not), MC has enough sassiness for both of them...
Robert was there, too.  He loves getting his picture taken, but more than anything he loves to be held.  And he was not being held at this very moment.
I am so, so thankful for the way Robbie loves our girls.  He is showing them now the qualities they must find in a mate later in life.  He is showing Robert how to be a gentleman.  And Robbie is continuing to prove to me what an incredible spiritual leader he is in our home!

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