Play Ball!

Last weekend our family went to watch the Barons play.   
They are a local team (affiliated with the White Sox), so we like to watch a game at least once a season. 
This year was the best yet...the Barons have a brand-new stadium, 
we were treated to box seats and dinner from Robbie's company, 
and we came home with a new grill!
The company who sponsored the event held a drawing for several prizes.  Originally someone else won the grill, but turned it down because he is from Louisiana and had no way to get it home.  The next name drawn was Robbie's!!  
(Yes, friends.  All of the crap stuff on top of the grill was what it took to bring all of the kids to a baseball game.)
Here are the kids waiting in the lobby for Robbie to bring the van around.  Pushing a gas grill through the streets of downtown Birmingham with three kids in tow was not something we wanted to experience.  

Notice the matching t-shirts?  We all had them.  (Yep.  Even me and Robbie.  I insisted that we wear them since this company was feeding us and giving us awesome seats!  I was really thankful we all wore them once the grill was thrown in the deal, too!)  And Ellie and MC's were size small.  Adult small.  Which we didn't figure out until it was time to leave for the game.  SOOOO, I took some black ribbon and sewed it down the sides and sleeves.  Quick fix for entirely-too-big t-shirts.  Except for Robert.  He is not allowed to have grosgrain ribbon anywhere near his clothing!! :)
If you're in Birmingham and the Barons are playing, you must go.  The stadium is fantastic.  Several green spaces lining the field are general seating areas.  Above those are picnic tables so you don't have to sit in the grass to eat.  We ran into friends that night who had seats there, and our girls were reluctant to go back to our seats!
All of that said, I'm not even a baseball lover (I get a pass...I do love football and basketball), and even I enjoyed my time at Regions Field!

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