Camp Ellie

Our sweet Ellie turned eight years old!  To celebrate her, sixteen friends came to Camp Ellie for a little 'glamping' (glamorous camping!).  
When the campers arrived, they checked in by grabbing a lanyard and a nametag.  Each girl decorated her nametag and attached it to the lanyard so everyone would know each others' names, since Ellie invited friends from everywhere (church, school, family friends...).
Once they finished up their nametags, we moved on to bracelet making.  I searched high and low for a craft that the girls could make and take home.  Pinterest did not fail. I found a bajillion several pins about popsicle stick bracelets.  I made them the week before, and the girls decorated them.  So cute!
Next up was dinner.  This was actually the most difficult part of the party.  Serving eighteen girls ages four to eight was tricky!  
Since the girls were so hungry, we decided to go ahead and do cake right after dinner.  The tent on top of the cake was going to be a pinata, but after much discussion, Robbie and I decided it was a better decoration! :)
Presents came next, then the fun part.  All of the girls crammed into our den to watch 'The Parent Trap.'  And yes, it was the newer one.  With Lindsey Lohan.  
As the movie was playing, our precious babysitters Elisa and Mary Teresa painted the girls' nails.  I cut out teeny-tiny shapes on my Silhouette with adhesive vinyl as a finishing touch.  (I had to get in on the nail-painting action, too!)
Since the girls were glamping, and not actually camping, they got to go home and sleep in their own beds.  :)  At nine, all of these sweet chickies' parents came to pick them up.  
I was totally exhausted and our den looked like a fraternity house after a huge throw-down.  But, our girl was happy and her friends had a fun time.  
Eight is great!!

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