Friends, Doughnuts, and Turning Five

Our sweet Mary Claire turned five on the first day of school.  Her first day of school in a 'real' school.  A 'real' school for a whole day.  A whole day as in 7:45-2:45, not 9:00-1:00.  So we celebrated MC by meeting friends at the mall for lunch and a ride on the carousel.  
Oh, and a doughnut cake.  From Krispy Kreme.  (Can I just tell you that it was cheaper to buy three dozen doughnuts than a cake?!  Who knew!)
To make the day even more special, Mary Claire's BFF (that's what they refer to each other as...precious.  Usually we don't encourage the whole BFF thing, but these two girls really are BEST friends!) from school, Audrey and her sister, Ella (she's Ellie's age...they love each other, too!) spent the entire day with us.  
We picked them up Saturday morning, took them to the mall with us, played at home for a little bit, then went to dinner at the local Chinese restaurant and walked to get ice cream.  All of Mary Claire's favorites!
As soon as we dropped Ella and Audrey off after ice cream, we headed to Grandmama and Granddaddy's house so MC could open her presents from them.  
Another American Girl doll?  Yes, please!
Maybe it's not so bad having your birthday on the first day of school.  Because don't worry...Mary Claire got all kinds of celebrated that day, too!!

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