Daddy/Daughter Dances

Y'all know I love a good comparison.  Three kids.  All three years apart.  Makes it easier on this mama's brain to remember who did what when!

The Daddy/Daughter dance fun started at our house when Ellie was four and taking ballet.  Her ballet school sent out an invitation to a dance for just girls and their dads.  Robbie couldn't wait!  Ellie couldn't either, of course!  She wore a sweet smocked bishop, her hair in its usual one-side-pulled-back-in-a-bow, and a wrist corsage.  Ellie's favorite part was watching her ballet teacher's helper performance for the evening's entertainment.
Mary Claire was 18 months old (and obviously having none of this nonsense!).
Fast forward to the next February.  Ellie is now five, and has requested something a little fancier to wear to this year's dance.  A bouttonierre for daddy and a wrist corsage are an absolute must.  Word on the street is that there was more dancing in 2011, too.  
Mary Claire was clearly not in the mood for photos that evening.  Could also be that I wasn't up for battling with her since I was newly pregnant with Robert!

Apparently Robbie and Ellie skipped the next year, but that was okay, because in 2013, he got to take both girls!  Mary Claire went to the Daddy/Daughter Dance where she takes ballet, and Ellie went to one with her Girl Scout troop.
Mary Claire immediately knew she was wearing the same dress El did, but needed her monogram on a sash.  She was also adamant about a wrist corsage for her and bout for daddy.  Done.
 The sassiness.  MC knows what she wants to wear, how she wants her hair, shoes, accessories, you name it.  Then when you take her picture, this is the 'I nailed the look I was going for' pose.  Love her!
 Not sure where Ellie was for these pictures!  Maybe golfing.  Or maybe standing behind me trying to get Robert to stop crying!
 Look at my sweet girl!  Robbie's mom ordered Ellie this dress because she thought she needed it.  And she was right!  You'll see that MC ends up needing it, too!  Ellie was super-excited to go dance with Robbie AND to wear her favorite jewelry...charm bracelet and cross necklace.  This dance was held in Robbie's high school's cafeteria, making it that much more fun!
 Apparently Robert was happier about this dance!
 Okay.  This is where I can see my girls growing up!  Ellie chose a dress from the Von Maur clearance rack (cause that's how roll!), had to have a purse to carry her lip gloss in, and wanted her hair in a side pony.  

 Robert isn't in this picture, but he's definitely in the room!  Real life!
 MC chose this dress from Tar-jay.  It ended up costing more than the Von Maur dress!  The sequins, layers of tulle, and precious smile on my girl's face made it totally worth it, though!!  Curls and a purse were MC's other requests.  She and Robbie had a great time!
 Look twice!  This is MC the next year (this year, really!).  Wearing El's dress from two years before.  Again, wrist corsage and bout are required (per MC).  The girls also made Robbie wait until they were completely ready and downstairs before he could see them.  Precious!
If this dress came in my size, we would totally rock the Mother-Daughter look.  Ellie was not digging that she didn't get to shop for a dress (I bought it at a consignment sale), so we picked up this fun headband, tights, and shoes and she was perfectly fine.
 Even though El is not officially in a Girl Scout troop, we were emailed about the dance.  Ellie didn't blink an eye before screaming, "YES!"
 My new favorite picture of my girls.  Ellie is loving that she's all dressed-up and ready to go out with Robbie, while MC is loving that she has on her favorite sweatshirt, pj pants, and scarf.
Again, I guess Robert is not in the mood to be photographed.  Never a problem with the girls!
No matter where Robbie takes them, these girls have the best time.  I'm always so excited to hear the stories from how their 'dates' went!  Thank-you, Robbie, for loving our girls enough to show them how a perfect date looks!

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