He = HOPE!

Most Easters we go at a less-popular service to allow room for visitors.  Well this Easter we had our own visitors, so we went on Sunday morning!  My mom was in town from Philadelphia, and my cousin Mike's girlfriend Heather (they moved to Bham a few months ago...we are LOVING having them here!!) went with us, too!  Pastor Chris' incredible message combined with being in church on Sunday morning, the actual morning Jesus was ALIVE again, was amazing.  I left church floating, and have been relishing in the hope of my Jesus ever since.  I'm here right now, but I won't be here forever.  So instead of focusing on all of the 'things' here, I need to be consumed with the hope of Heaven.  Such a simple truth, but so freeing!
Easter pix this year were interesting.  I'll just post them and try to explain...
Lunch at Firebird's.  Obviously the outdoor seating was a poor choice for a picture!  Sun-in-eyes-squinting!
My mom's attempt of all three!
Maybe I can get a good one at church?  Nope!
Miss Heather!

Miss Anna was at church, too!!
Annual egg hunt at the Smith Family's home.  Our favorite Easter tradition!!
Sweet Sisters!
My Family!
(No, we did not force Ellie to hunt for eggs, or hold her basket!)

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