The Pink Pig

While in Atlanta this past week, I took the kids to ride The Pink Pig.  It is essentially a train ride set up on the top of the Macy's parking deck at Lenox Mall.  For $9 (Robert was free), the four of us rode Priscilla (that's the pig) around the tent twice.  She tells the history of The Pink Pig ride, but as Ellie will tell you, hearing Priscilla is near impossible.  And we were the only three people on the train.  That said, it is cute and the kids enjoyed all five minutes of it.  
I've read that there are families that have ridden The Pink Pig for generations, so for those people I am sure the ride is special.  The sweet people running the ride said this weekend will start the rush of train riders...and it's crazy!
You can join the girls and I and read the history of The Pink Pig here.

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